Ellen Shakes Her Way to Health!

Ellen’s always watching infomercials on the lookout next hot item — and she thinks she may have found it! Watch as she introduces you to the Shake Weight!

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25 Responses to “Ellen Shakes Her Way to Health!”

  1. jenjenlover says:

    @asapisaiah bacon?

  2. JEL1980 says:

    Only Ellen… gotta love it!

  3. CollegeJoe says:

    @msymonds12 Nonsense, elephant penises are MUCH bigger than that.

  4. JellyBean2144 says:

    Whoever invented this product, probably never thought this thing through…lol

  5. EmilTowersIV says:

    these men and women on the commercial will be forever immortalised hahahaha

  6. colindominy says:

    This product is no good to Ellen .. she’s of the single-sex persuasion. She wouldn’t go near one of these things …

  7. TANHAMM says:

    lol the guy in the laughing is my new hero

  8. sofia3008 says:

    The guy’s laugh is soooo great! He had the same reaction as me!

  9. msymonds12 says:

    good practice, if your job is jerking off elephants

  10. indeman17 says:

    thats a perfect device for a les who wishes she could

  11. oywidapoodles says:

    Dude. Did she really just make a George Clooney is gay joke? Or is there some sort of backstory?

  12. sentihcn says:

    she does that pretty good for a lesbian

  13. msymonds12 says:

    Porn stars gotta work out too ya know

  14. darkheaven101 says:

    That guy had a LOLgasm ^-^.

  15. lvl45pally says:

    @asapisaiah *arm

  16. Daryan55TV says:


  17. AllyKier10 says:

    i thought ellen was a lesbian…

  18. lbar1990 says:

    o mannnn i crack up everytime! “I don’t want to spoil the surprise but I got her one too….”

  19. latrellhutson1 says:

    @40Rtruss LOL U crazy for that one. U made me laugh out loud literally.

  20. superchee2e says:

    hey do these things come in a larger size my wife always complains about her hand cramping up.

  21. superchee2e says:

    @asapisaiah a weight bench???

  22. coreboy7 says:

    Double fisting at 2:09 XD



    Seriously when Ellen even see’s something and it makes her think of a Penis you know it’s sexual.

  24. sportygurlis says:

    I freaking LOVE the shake weight.
    I remember when I first saw it I was like, “…. is that seriously real?”

  25. zoomerlawns says:

    That’s the first time Ellen has given me a boner.

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