Ellen Shakes Her Way to Health!

Ellen’s always watching infomercials on the lookout next hot item — and she thinks she may have found it! Watch as she introduces you to the Shake Weight!

25 thoughts on “Ellen Shakes Her Way to Health!”

  1. This product is no good to Ellen .. she’s of the single-sex persuasion. She wouldn’t go near one of these things …

  2. Dude. Did she really just make a George Clooney is gay joke? Or is there some sort of backstory?

  3. o mannnn i crack up everytime! “I don’t want to spoil the surprise but I got her one too….”

  4. hey do these things come in a larger size my wife always complains about her hand cramping up.

  5. @zoomerlawns

    Seriously when Ellen even see’s something and it makes her think of a Penis you know it’s sexual.

  6. I freaking LOVE the shake weight.
    I remember when I first saw it I was like, “…. is that seriously real?”

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